Pentecost Professional Network (PPN) is an initiative under the auspices of the Associates wing of Pentecost Students and Associates, USA (PENSA-USA) to bring together individuals within the church – regardless of age – who are engaged in every aspect of entrepreneurial, technical, intellectual or artistic pursuit, for the purpose of strengthening the body of Christ through a supportive network of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to helping each other and to impact the next generation through mentorship.

Mission Statement

To inspire and empower professionals within the Church of Pentecost, USA, to passionately pursue their professional calling with a Christ-exalting intentionality of excellence and generational impact.


Membership and participation in Pentecost Professional Network (PPN) is open to all professionals within the Church of Pentecost who are actively engaged in an entrepreneurial, technical, intellectual or artistic pursuit, and who have the desire to support and mentor others.

Target Groups

Professionals who are already practicing their craft or are already actively engaged in their area of expertise. Members will be sub-divided into common areas of interest for mutual industry support, opportunity identification, and as technical resources to help advance each other’s professional growth.

Young and aspiring professionals of the Church of Pentecost. This group will be the beneficiary of the mentorship and counseling services that the professionals in the various groups will be availing.

Sample Professional Sub-Groups

Business and Finance

Health and Medical

Office Administration


Computers and Technology

Hospitality, Tourism and Travel

Production and Manufacturing

Social and Life Sciences

Construction and Trade

Legal, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement

Psychology and Counseling

Education, Teaching and Training


Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Engineering and Engineering Technicians

Media, Communications and Broadcasting

Sales and Marketing

Fishing, Farming and Foresting

Military and Armed Forces

Human Resources (HR)


Programs and Initiatives

Facilitate targeted training for maximizing professional skills and capabilities

Mentorship and hands-on training programs in “non-traditional” fields of industry (ie. “Other” Sciences, political and governance, academia, etc)

Short-term academic sabbaticals to train/teach students at the Pentecost Univ. College

Social Media and the Professionals: A Training

Regional and national events to encourage a Christ-like perspective on our roles as Christian professionals

Missions Trips to Advance Evangelism: Christian Pentecostals supporting Missionaries

Internal education series for the local assemblies (i.e. Doctors, pharmacists, financial advisors, estate planning, real estate, etc. organizing internal education programs in the Districts and Regions)

Career counseling and resources for professionals and aspiring professionals

Professional skills to advance a development agenda (Ghana and beyond)

Partnerships with PENTSOS for social services

Entrepreneurship Support


Pastor Mike Portuphy

Pastor Mike Portuphy

National Youth & PENSA Leader

Ovr. Capt. Sekyi-Barimah

Ovr. Capt. Sekyi-Barimah

Military Liaison

Elder Kofi Owusu-Boakye

Elder Kofi Owusu-Boakye

Leader / Coordinator

Dcns. Vera Asante

Dcns. Vera Asante

Organizing Secretary

Elder Dr. Albert Osei

Elder Dr. Albert Osei

Assistant Coordinator

Mrs. Linda Asubonteng

Mrs. Linda Asubonteng